Gabby’s Dollhouse – Kitty Fairy’s Garden Treehouse Playset


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Bring your dollhouse world to life with this Kitty Fairy in the Gabby’s Dollhouse Garden Treehouse Playset.

Inspired by the enchanted Cotton Candy Tree from the show, this lovely Treehouse features lights, a transforming canopy, secret room, vine zipline, swing, figures, accessories and furniture pieces to play out enchanting adventures. Explore the treehouse’s two floors with Kitty Fairy and an exclusive 3.5-inch-tall Gabby Girl figure.

Unbox your special Dollhouse Delivery, just like Gabby does in the show, and find a surprise watering-can accessory. Fill the Garden Treehouse with all the delightful fairy-themed furniture and accessories, including a swinging petal chair, a ladder to reach the second floor, a chair and dining table for garden tea parties and a cat topiary that you can spin. There’s also a thumbwheel built into the floor — spin it to find a secret room in the trunk of the tree and watch as the trunk and table light up.

Product features:

  • Includes: 1 x Kitty Fairy’s Garden Treehouse Playset, 2 x Figures, 3 x Furniture Pieces, 1 x Dollhouse Delivery, 5 x Accessories and 1 x Instruction Sheet
  • Inspired by the Cotton Candy Tree in the show, this playset features lights and a thumbwheel you can spin to activate the lights and reveal a secret room
  • Create tea parties with Kitty Fairy, an exclusive Gabby Girl, and delightful fairy-themed accessories, like a pink swing-chair, a tea set, a cat topiary and much more
  • Approximate Dimensions: 35 cm x 13 cm x 35 cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +


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