Gabby’s Dollhouse Meow-Mazing Game


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Time to get tiny and decorate the Dollhouse for the party with all your friends with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Meow-Mazing Game!

Work together to help Gabby and her friends get ready for the sleepover, move through rooms of the doll’s house and collect charms, the player with the most charms at the end of the game wins.

Celebrate at the party with all your friends by saying a big, “Meow”.

Product features

  • This board game looks just like Gabby’s dollhouse and includes cute cat-ear headbands and collectible charms
  • Time to get tiny and decorate the Dollhouse for a party with all your friends. Collect charms for your kitty headband as you go. Whoever can collect the most charms wins the special heart-shaped charm
  • The charms include fun designs such as ice lollies, stars, flowers and, of course, kitties.
  • This game is for 2–4 players, it takes appoximatly 30 minutes to play
  • Includes 1 doll’s house gameboard, 1 roof gameboard, 1 lift, 12 room cards, 3 punch sheets (41 charms, 4 movers), 2 dice, 1 plastic Meow Meow Delivery dice shaker, 4 wearable plastic headbands, 4 plastic mover stands, instructions
  • Suitable for ages 4 years +






Safety Information

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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