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‘I’m in Be-Tween, right where I wanna be, full of surprises & fierce style. Look out world, cuz here I come’

Introducing the L.O.L Surprise! Tweens Series 2! Unbox an entirely new size of dolls IN BETWEEN L.O.L dolls and Outrageous Millenial Girl fashion dolls. 

Say hello to Gracie Skates! Gracie Skates is all about the skating life, and you can always find her at the roller rink or skatepark! She loves gliding and spinning, and she knows when to break out the flashy moves and when to be chill. Gracie Skates has stunning features and styled hair, and she can do tons of poses. Plus, she’s the big sister to fan favourite Baby Next Door.

In addition to her unique, cute style, fashions and accessories, Gracie Skates also comes with a paper “journal” that tells a little more about her and her personality.

Product Features:

  • Includes: doll, fashions, shoes, accessories, hair brush, garment bag, journal, hanger, doll stand and reusable package with backdrop
  • Unbox an entirely new size of dolls and OMG fashion dolls (6 inch fashion doll)
  • Collect all 4 L.O.L Surprise! Tweens Series 2 dolls!
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and above






Safety Information

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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