Magnimake 18 Piece Pastel Starter Set


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Design, construct and build endless possibilities with the Pastel Starter Set from Magnimake!

Introducing Magnimake! The amazing, colourful magnetic construction playset for curious children. Simply connect the edges of the tiles to build so many different 2 or 3D shapes and structures.

Envision what you’d like to make and start constructing! Will you make a colourful 2D flower or a pretty pastel crown? What’s great about Magnimake is it’s free play so what you make is completely up to you!

Building with Magnimake develops children’s critical thinking, cognitive skills and kinetic dexterity. Mix and match the tiles from different Magnimake sets for unlimited fun. Every Magnimake playset includes an ideas sheet to inspire children’s creativity and artistic exploration but remember – you can make anything with Magnimake!

Product features:

  • Endless possibilities with Magnimake – magnetic construction playsets for curious children
  • Set contains: 18x pastel magnetic tiles and 1x ideas sheet
  • Construct 2D or 3D shapes with Magnimake
  • Designing and envisioning shapes and structures to build aids cognitive skills
  • Connecting the magnetic tiles helps develop critical thinking skills
  • Constructing shapes and structures improves kinetic dexterity
  • Perfect for budding engineers with little hands
  • Colours and contents may vary
  • Suitable for ages 5 years +


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