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This creepy crawly just got creepier! Robo Alive Giant Tarantula is the BIG spider that gives BIG scares. Look out. It’s Robo Alive Giant Tarantula…

This creepy crawly uses smart-movement technology to mimic a real spider in skin-crawling detail. Hide the Giant Tarantula under the dining table for a family fright or sneak it into a sibling’s backpack for a school day scare.

Up the scare factor with ultra-spooky spider web slime to give them the creeps. The Giant Tarantula is an ultra-realistic teeth chattering size with spidey specific details that are oh so creepy.

Product features: 

  • This scary spider measures 15.6 inches/38.5cm across. Pick it up if you dare!
  • Smart Movement Technology: Robo Alive smart movement technology gives this Tarantula teeth chattering realism!
  • You won’t believe your eyes at the realistic look of the Robo Alive Giant Tarantula. The spidey legs are carefully crafted to give an ultra-real look and the giant size matches the tarantula of your nightmares!
  • Pack Inclusion:1x Giant Tarantula, 1x Spider Web Slime
  • Suitable for ages 3 years + 






Safety Information

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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