Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle

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The Rubik’s Junior Bunny is the ideal puzzle for little problem solvers.

The cute twistable character is so easy to grip and turn.

Twist and turn the Rubik’s Junior Bunny to create a wacky mixed up character, then keep twisting and turning until you solve the puzzle and turn it back into its original state.

A new kind of Rubik’s challenge!


Product Features:
  • Rubik’s Junior Bunny Puzzle is ideal for the youngest Rubik’s fans!
  • Easy to grip and turn and is the perfect size for little problem solvers!
  • Traditional stickers have been replaced with eco-friendly ABS material, no fading and no peeling!
  • Rubik’s Junior collection of cute animals include Bunny, Bear, Puppy and Kitten.
  • Collect them all!



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4 – 10 Years



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Not suitable for children under 36 months