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The X-Shot Regenerator is the ultimate customizable blaster to take into any battle. With 12 inter-changeable attachments, you can create over 1000 unique blaster combinations.

Use the bipod and sight for precise target shooting or swap to the short barrel and front grip for agility. Whatever your style, fire with power with the Regenerator’s 24m /80 feet firing range!

With 2 dart clips that hold 10 darts each and 48 darts in pack, you can survive even the longest of battles with this blaster. Be ready for whatever comes your way with the Regenerator.

Product features: 

  • 1000+ Combinations: Customize your X-Shot Excel Regenerator with 12 inter-changeable attachment accessories including a removeable stock, sight, scope, short barrel, long barrel, fold out bipod, front grip, ammo holders and 2x 10-dart clips and 48 darts.
  • The X-Shot Excel Regenerator can hit targets up to 24m / 80 feet away.
  • The X-Shot Excel Regenerator comes with 2 x 10 dart clips and can hold up to 8 additional darts.
  • The X-Shot Excel Regenerator comes with 48 darts to keep you loaded all battle.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years + 






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Not suitable for children under 36 months

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